On April 16, 2017 Single MOMtreal Facebook Group was created by a single mom to bring Montreal single moms together and provide community resources to those in need of assistance. The group was quickly featured on Global News and in Montreal Families and started offering material donations within days of its creation. The group quickly became a place where single moms would ask eachother questions, offer free items, share single mom jokes and quotes, inspirational videos and more. Till this day it is considered a safe place for many single moms where single moms can vent and rely on eachother for advice and encouragement. Our online support group includes single moms and women who want to support single moms such as donors and professionals. If you’re a single mom living in the province of Québec (or thinking of becoming a single mom) or if you’re a woman who would like to support single moms by offering emotional support, free items or a service, please contact us by e-mail at admin@singlemomtreal.com.

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