I just wanted to say how much I love this group and the 2 amazing women who run it! Nadia Wiseman and Tanya Da! You have made this single momma not feel so alone anymore. I love strolling down the page and seeing how you've brought so many single moms together! All the love and support and generosity of everyone in this group is really heartwarming. I'm glad that I joined and got a chance to meet alot of other moms at the potluck. And I will definitely be going to other events in the future! Thank you so much and keep up the great work! 

I love this group! I have only been added to it recently but I love how everyday everyones posts about items to give away for free, tips on how and where to save, advices on every little thing, funny stories to cheer us all up and shared experiences. This group is full of love and support and any mama in need quickly gets what she needs and beyond when she calls out for help, wether its an ear to vent or diapers for her baby.

This is amazing proof of village raising a child. The bonds created here are beyond what is imaginable.. As a single parent, we encounter challenges hurdles and even joy and to be able to share with others that "get it" can be such a huge help. Thanks to the admins for the amazing devotion they display day in and day out. You gals rock!!!!!!